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The Organization for World Peace

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Organization:The Organization for World Peace

The Organization for World Peace is a not-for-profit organization promoting peaceful solutions to complex issues across the globe. The OWP was established in 2015 by our Founder and President, Matthew Savoy, who identified an issue in the analysis being provided by existing reporting sources – no one was providing peaceful alternatives to solving complex issues, perpetuating a system of violence, conflict and confrontation. The OWP seeks to fill this void with critical analysis and well-considered solutions to reduce conflict and promote justice. We also seek to educate our readers on complex issues and the causes of conflict. In doing so, we hope to expose readers to alternative solutions to complex issues, through which we promote peace-first thinking, rather than settling for confrontational outcomes.

Their Work

The Organization for World Peace is a community of advocates and experts working to expand our understanding of conflict and encourage a new way of thinking about the international system, in which peace, respect and cooperation are at the forefront of discussion and policy-making. To ensure we maximize our impact, we promote peace through a variety of outputs. These are primarily based on our fundamental principles for making change; to inform, to educate, to advocate, and to encourage inclusive and constructive discussion on peaceful solutions to complex issues across the globe.