"Wond’ring aloud"

Hi, I'mDon Christoff

Agent of Change


Pursuit of Progress

"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth." - Muhammad Ali

Do what is right.

This is an important lesson that most parents and world religions teach each of us at an early age. Yet in pursuing the extrinsic, this most valuable of moral codes is among the first laid upon our sacrificial altar for material gain.

What do I mean by “right”? In a planetary context, it means proper human stewardship. Earth is not just a material resource; IT IS OUR HOME. Earth is not here for us to use and dispose of. Earth is necessary for life.

Life, all life has the unequivocal right to THRIVE.

As an academic, a scientist, an activist, a father, and a citizen of Earth, I will apply my skills and energies to disrupt the degenerative 20th-century status quo of exploitation and to help usher in a new harmonic living future of respect, justice, and equity through stewardship.

If you agree, how may I serve you?


Regenerative Approach to Sustainability


Degenerative risks need to be assessed, key stakeholders identified, and establish partners for change. 


Determine broader environmental, political, and social landscape for green improvement.


Formulate a roadmap to  reduce  the climate impact, achieve compliance, and decrease the carbon footprint.


Provide implementation and project support of strategic plans with sustainability initiatives.


Define regenerative  metrics, implement measurement tools to monitor and report key data..


Analyze outcomes, making roadmap adjustments and influence continued progress.

A word about costs

My required goal is for life to thrive. My efforts are result driven to this end. Depending on the nature of your project and your value system, my services can be provided pro bono. In exchange, I will ask that your results will need to be shared for the greater good and serve as a reference to many others.



Discussions to defined the issues, the goals, and set achievable, verifiable objectives for the organization and/or community.

Research & Planning

Objective investigation and analysis of current facts to derive possibilities, which can then be utilized for data driven plan(s) of action.


My goal will be to provide quality assessments, including measurable benchmarks to reduce the climate impact, achieve compliance, and decrease the carbon footprint.