"Wond’ring aloud"

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We believe that the world has 7 billion talents rather than 7 billion issues.

Therefore, we use the SOFT POWER of music, art, sports and play to mobilize and inspire young people.

We believe that there is more that we have in common than what separates us.

Therefore, we organize DIALOGUE within and between communities and stakeholders.

We believe that the lack of perspective triggers polarization, extremism and conflict.

Therefore, we create PERSPECTIVE through capacity-building and leadership training for young people.

Give Peace A Chance!

With our 10 years+ of experience, we have met many dedicated young leaders who have incredible passion and drive towards building peace among their communities. Together, we have realized more than 2500 projects worldwide with real, deep-rooted social impact. We invite you to have a brief look at our stories here. In MasterPeace, we believe in ‘values’ and in ‘creating value’. That’s why MasterPeace is funded by value-driven partners such as companies and family funds. Together, we create campaigns, concepts and funding that enable all our Clubs to grow their local action and make their impact truly sustainable.