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One Earth is a nonprofit organization working to accelerate collective action to solve the climate crisis through groundbreaking science, inspiring media, and an innovative approach to climate philanthropy. The solutions for the climate crisis already exist, and the latest science led by One Earth shows we can achieve the critical 1.5°C goal through our three pillars of collective action — a just transition to 100% renewable energy, protection and restoration of half of the world’s lands and oceans, and a shift to net-zero food and fiber systems. The goals of the three pillars of action may sound daunting, but millions of people and organizations worldwide are already driving this transformative change. With proper resources and support, these efforts can quickly build momentum and play a critical role in solving the climate crisis in time.

Together, we can solve the climate crisis.

Climate change is a massive challenge, but people around the world are implementing on-the-ground climate solutions today. You can support them!