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The Mother Tree Project

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Organization:The Mother Tree Project

Mother Trees are the biggest trees in the forest that are connected and communicate with the other trees and plants forest.


Trees are connected

Through their research, Dr. Simard and others have discovered that trees are connected below-ground via a vast fungal network.

Trees form mycorrhizae (literally meaning “fungus-root”), which are symbiotic relationships between trees and fungi. These mycorrhizal fungi have many branching threads (called mycelium) that grow out from the root tip of a tree and connect with the roots of other trees and plants to form a mycorrhizal network. The mycelium spans vast areas connecting trees and plants across a forest in an expansive underground network.

You can help too!

The Mother Tree Project has been generously funded by the Canadian and British Columbia governments, as well as private foundations, but we are looking for new donors to support our continued work. If you would like to donate, you can make a contribution through the University of British Columbia or through the One Earth Project Marketplace.